Welcome to Horizen.

Our family welcomes you to experience Leamington as we experience it; a place that is full of life, wonderful restaurants, and surrounded by natural beauty.

Why a B&B?

Shelby’s grandparents owned a B&B in Leamington while she was growing up and she spent a lot of time there. Memories of how much joy the bed and breakfast brought to Shelby’s Oma as she shared her home with others are plentiful. She was such a loving woman who created a warm and inviting space for not only her family, but for her guests as well.

When we had our two daughters, we knew deep down that we wanted to move back to Leamington to be closer to the girls’ grandparents and to shift the dynamics of our family to be more grounded. Shelby had a wonderfully close relationship to her Oma and Opa growing up, and we wanted to afford our daughters that opportunity as well. We were struck with the idea of opening a B&B when Shelby’s Opa passed away. As we celebrated his life, his wonderful stories, and reminisced about our memories of our time spent at the B&B, we had a moment of clarity and inspiration.

We realized how important it was to us to spend more focused and devoted time with our children, how we wanted to be more involved in their lives and have them be more involved in ours. We can thank, in part, Shelby’s childhood spent on her family’s tomato farm for this desire. For us, family is the centre and everything radiates outward from there.

This B&B is such a perfect and beautiful opportunity for us. Mike loves cooking for people and we both glean so much joy from hosting others. Shelby is passionate about creating spaces where people feel a sense of safety, connection and belonging; places where people can feel free to be themselves.

Why HoriZen?

The shift we made in our lives to create more joy and happiness allowed us to be more zen. When we started to have a more future-forward outlook, looking beyond the horizon with gratitude and excitement for what the future holds became a natural process. We decided to blend the two outcomes from our shift in outlook together to reflect our journey. Welcome to HoriZen.