HoriZen Shine Retreats

Sacred Goddess Retreat

November 27-29, 2020

It’s time to make space for the parts of you that are dying to emerge. For those parts that have felt abandoned and unattended. Women everywhere are being called to stand fully in their sensual power. Allowing for a deeper connection to ourselves, the earth and to each other. We will use the power of the full moon to let go of what is weighing us down so we can move in new ways! Gift yourself sacred space to sink deeper into your being and allow the light within you to shine through. We’ll take care of the itinerary and the food so you can focus on nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Come willing to let go and in the process we’ll make space for something more joyful, more expansive and more free.



  • Check In anytime between 3:00pm and 7:00pm
  • A small Charcuterie board will be delivered to your room upon arrival (Vegan and Vegetarian options available)
  • 7:30pm 
    • Sacred Circle
    • Breathing, meditation and intention setting 


  • 9:00am  
    • Light breakfast delivered to your room with coffee or tea
  • 10:00am-11:30am
    • Sacred breathing and movement
    • Releasing trauma from the pelvic floor
  • 12:00pm – (due to the nature of current restrictions, lunch will be served 2 different times in two spaces, allowing everyone to feel comfortable while eating)
    • Lunch #1 is served
  • 12:30pm 
    • Lunch #2 is served
  • 1:00pm – 5:00pm
    • You’ll get the choice of a 45min Massage or Reiki treatment. The rest of the time will be time all to yourself to do with as you wish.  No plans, no expectations, just time for you. Feel free to walk down to the beach, write in your journal or take a nap. Whatever feels nourishing to you. What is your body, mind and spirit craving? 
  • 5:00-7:00
    • Dinner – Go enjoy at a restaurant or order take out and enjoy it back at the BNB, we can assist you with finding the right experience for how you are feeling that day. 
  • 7:30pm
    • Full Moon Ceremony
    • Breathe and movement – allowing for our bodies to let go!
    • Dance perhaps?


  • 8:00am 
    • Breathe and Movement 
    • Allowing the shifts to sink deep into our cells 
    • Gratitude for the beautiful weekend you all gifted yourself.
  • 9:30am 
    • Breakfast served to your room or wherever you would like to enjoy the solitude.  
  • 12:00pm
    • Closing and farewell

INVESTMENT IN YOU – $475 + tax

  • Additional services such as Reiki or Massage can be added on, starting at $60