Choose Your Own Adventure Weekend!


Step 1: Collect Your Tribe

  • Up to 10 ppl (3 rooms sleep 2 ppl and 1 room sleeps 4 ppl, 2 ppl per bed) 

(Yes – you’ll have to choose people you actually REALLY like!) 

Step 2: Pick Your Vibe

  • Adventurous, Romantic, Surprise, Mystery, Calming….(see more ideas below)

Step 3: Give us a ring!

(or an email…cause its 2020 and we are rad like that)


When’s the last time you had this level of fun? 


Need some help brainstorming? Here are some ideas we think are nifty: 

  • Breakout Weekend
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Art Weekend
  • Photo Shoot (Best Friend pics, Boudoir perhaps?)
  • Wine Tour
  • Brewery Tour
  • Yoga Weekend (We have a beautiful loft space)
  • Ultimate Slumber Party Weekend
  • Wellness Weekend
  • Whatever you dream up you brilliant masterpiece


Here at HoriZen we believe that Life was meant for great friends and wonderful adventures – not to just get through the same daily routine! 

Let us help you connect with the beautiful humans in your life and HAVE SOME FUN!!!!